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24Six is a groundbreaking media streaming platform for the Jewish family. It gives subscribers access to thousands of songs, videos and podcasts. With features designed to provide you with complete control. Create a custom entertainment experience for your family.

Your whole family can listen, watch, collect favorites, create playlists, and stream from anywhere. All approved, kosher content. All for one low monthly fee.

As per the guidance of our Rabbanim and to avoid causing machlokes, we are not publicizing any Rabbanim that have endorsed 24Six. 24Six makes every decision על פי דעת תורה, and we encourage everyone to consult their Rav or Moreh Derech for all Halachic and Hashkafic questions, especially the sensitive topic of technology in the house.

24Six is designed for you to create the personalized experience that is right for you and your family, under the guidance of your Daas Torah.

For an overview of 24Six, please read this article published by Mishor, and organization led by Harav HaGaon R’ Elya Brudny Shlit”a and Harav Uri Deutch Shlit”a.

24Six is first and foremost a streaming platform. Streaming is defined as playing audio/video while connected to Wi-Fi. Therefore, 24Six does require an internet connection to stream. However, we do offer a solution for families that don’t have Wi-Fi, or don’t want their family members to be on Wi-Fi, and that is our breakthrough Offline Mode. Offline mode allows you to browse the extensive Music library, create custom playlists, and then download them onto any device, including our revolutionary FamilyPlayer and Solo devices. Even when using the offline mode, 24Six requires a Wi-Fi connection once every 30 days. You can play your downloaded songs without the internet for up to 30 days. After 30 days, if you do not connect to Wi-Fi, you will no longer be able to play your downloaded music.

Account management is a “parent level” control. The account has a single password, where you can create profiles, manage permissions, and control all the financials of the account. The children should never get that password. When creating a profile for each child, you can allow them to have their own PIN, which gives them some control and a great feeling. But what they can and cannot do in their profile can only be changed with the account password.

We encourage the use of strong passwords that are hard for your family to figure out!

We know that you and your family don’t always have access to Wi-Fi, and we want you to enjoy 24Six music and stories wherever you are!

24Six Offline mode allows you to listen to your favorite music and stories without an internet connection. This feature is only available on our mobile apps and 24Six devices, not on PCs or Macs.

To use Offline mode, select your favorite songs and download them to your device by tapping "Download" from their 3-dot menus. To remove a downloaded item, tap the 3-dot menu and select "Remove from downloads". You can download individual songs, albums, or playlists. All downloaded content will be accessible from the "Downloaded" section of your Music Library. You can download individual songs, albums, or playlists.

Please be aware that downloaded content will only remain accessible for 30 days, and it can only be played offline during your billing cycle. After 30 days, your device must be reconnected to the internet to confirm your subscription before you can continue listening offline. In addition, every song you listen to, we pay the artist. By connecting once every 30 days, we are able to retrieve your offline listening data, and from there properly pay the frum artists we enjoy so much. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to your downloaded content. Downloading does not give you access to the original file, and you can’t share it. Per the guidance of our Rabbanim (and for technical reasons), Offline mode is not and will not be available for videos.

You must connect to the internet once every 30 days for Offline mode to keep working.

Please create a ticket by submitting your request below. To expedite a response and help you solve your issues, please make sure to include as much information as possible in the request.

24Six does not have phone support at this time.

All 24Six plans start with a free 7-day trial. After that, we offer monthly and yearly plans. Our monthly plans include a Single profile for $9.99 per month, a Duo plan with two profiles for $14.99 per month, and a Family plan with four profiles just for $19.99 per month. If you opt for a yearly plan, you can save even more. A yearly Single profile plan is $99.99, a $20 savings. A yearly Duo plan is $149.99, a $30 savings. And a yearly Family plan is just $199.99, a $50 savings comparing to a monthly Family plan!

We don’t think you will ever want to, but if you do choose, you may cancel, and your account will not renew on the next billing cycle. Upon cancellation, your information is removed from our servers.

There are two ways you can do it. On our website, you can click "Log in" at the top right corner and then cancel. In the app, go to the top right corner and click on your profile icon (next to the search) -> Account settings -> Cancel account.

24Six supports one profile streaming on one device at a time. You may use as many devices as you would like for that profile. Each family member should have their own profile, their own permission settings, their own library and their own playlists.

No two devices can stream at the same time with the same profile.

But you can log in to multiple devices with the same account. Duo plans and Family Plans are a great way to access 24Six for families and save!

Account and profile settings can only be managed on our website, by logging in to your account on the top of this page. The apps, Solo and FamilyPlayer devices have no access to account management.

Simple. Please login to our website on the top of this page, hit “account” and then “change your plan.” It is a really easy and simple process!

Thank you for asking. 24Six offers a family plan to help ease the financial burden on families and to make it easier for families to access Jewish content in the most kosher way possible. A family is simply defined as:

Single family members who live together in one household.

That means parents can share an account with their single, unmarried children, who live at home. Of course, if the child is away in camp or yeshiva, they are part of that family. A family plan does not include married children/siblings, it does not include grandparents and grandchildren, it does not include sharing a Dira, dorm, seminary, or apartment, it does not include a few friends getting together to share a plan.

Why not? Why can’t a bunch of guys in a Dira get together and share an account? We are like family? Why can’t my married children be a part of my family plan?

The answer is complicated and nuanced, but this is the truth: 24Six licenses music from artists with the express purpose to generate revenue for those artists. A frum artist spending tens of thousands of dollars to create music for your enjoyment does it as a parnassah, and licenses to us their music to distribute on the condition that we uphold these guidelines. To better explain: a digital streamed file should be looked at no differently than a physical CD. In the same way it is אסור and illegal to copy a CD so multiple people can use, even though both people are listening to the same song. Each C requires payment from each person to be listened to. One location can have the physical CD at a time. Each location similarly requires a plan to use 24Six. Furthermore, a newly married couple (for example) that rents an apartment still needs to purchase their own physical needs for that apartment. They don’t share electricity, they don’t share the hard goods of their new home, using it at the exact same time as their parents. Rather, it is a new entity and requires new products.

A subscription plan is no different than that. By cheating the system, the user is outright stealing from 24Six and the thousands of frum artists that rely on streaming for a part of their parnassah. 24Six is not mochel any users who try to circumvent these policies.

Most likely, you create a Web Free Preview account. Web free preview accounts are for just that, the website free preview. To use our apps, you need to subscribe to a paid account, which you can do by logging in online, and upgrading your plan to a paid plan.

As per the guidance of our Daas Torah, 24Six has some built-in filters that are not customizable. Every artist goes through a vetting process, and that is constantly reviewed and adjusted as new content is added. Every user must create a profile, and every profile must have an age and gender.

All content that is deemed exclusively for women, or only appropriate for women, will only be accessible to female profiles. All content that is more suitable for parents/adults, will only be accessible to users whose profile is 18 years of age or older. We understand the need to customize the content according to your own hashkafos.

When creating a profile, you will be asked to select a filter. You can choose to allow all content, use a pre-made filter made by 24Six, use a filter made by a public institution, or create your own. When you create your own filter, you can disable any section of the app (Music, Videos and/or Podcasts), or block any artist or category from each section.

24Six has tens of thousands of songs, videos, and podcasts from hundreds of artists. Please take advantage of our 7-day free trial to browse our extensive library of music, videos, and podcasts!

During your trial, you can browse the entire catalog and see what all the hype is about!

24Six has built the largest and most advanced Jewish entertainment platform in the world. We have invested millions of dollars to provide the absolute best solution for music, videos and podcast to the frum world, and we will not stop until we reach our goal of becoming so integrated into our way of life, that we become the Jewish standard for music, videos, podcasts, and kosher technology. You can rest assured that if there is an artist or a song out there, we know about it. We have a team of dedicated personnel specifically to grow and improve on the content of our platform every single day.

But please note, every song, video, podcast, and artist on 24Six is first reviewed by an independent Mashgiach, who follows guidelines given to him by 3 leading Roshei Yeshiva, to determine if the applicant and the content are appropriate for 24Six and a frum home. The Mashgiach has complete control over the content, and 24Six does not and cannot affect that decision making process. In addition, 24Six only streams content from artists and content holders with their permission. Content distribution requires license agreements from the content creators, and streaming without an agreement is illegal and against Halacha. While other apps and sites may choose to ignore this, 24Six will never stream anything without permission. We will not violate the Halacha or break the law, just to make our platform “more legitimate.” Music licensing is a complicated and detailed process, and not every song and album is owned by the person who sings on it. We work very hard to identify the correct rights holders, and only with their permission do we add it to our library. You can assume that if the artist or album you are looking for is not there, either they were rejected by the Mashgiach, they did not wish to join our platform, or that specific content is owned by a different rights holder.

We are working daily to grow our catalog and include any and every artist that fits our ideals. We encourage everyone to reach out to their favorite artists along with us and tell them to join 24Six!

Yes! If you already have an account, simply login on the top of this page, and you can enjoy the incredible 24Six experience right from your browser. Please note, 24Six web does not allow downloads of any kinds.

If you don’t yet have an account, please create a regular account (to access our apps) and enjoy a free 7 day trial first! Or if you want, you can try our Web Only Free Preview, and get a limited taste of the amazing things 24Six has to offer!

To use our apps and devices, you need to first create your account online, and set up your profiles and filters there. If you have already done that, then make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to login. You must be connected when logging in.

Please reach out to us by chat or by email at [email protected]. To best help solve your issue, have the device type, Operating System, and version you are having your issue with.

Currently, you can install the iPhone version on an iPad, and we are working to optimize our app to take advantage of the full screen iPad, but that feature is not ready yet.

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